Slight Change To Schedule

Hi Everyone,

There is a slight change in the calendar this week.

AM – Monday – Winskill     8:45

– Wedensday – Tactix at 9:30


PM – Monday – Tactix at 12:30

Wednesday – Winskill at 12:35


Remember we are at Tactix this week

Please arrive at Tactix about 10 minutes before our regular start time as we have to sign some waivers.  See you then and remember to wear Academy gear



On behalf of the Delta School District Soccer Academy we would like to thank JJ Atterbury and David Ravenhill for bringing their grade 9 boys and girls groups over for to play us.  Both games were very competitive with the Reynolds’ Girls winning the first match of the day 2 – 0 and the Delta School District boys won the second match 3 – 1.  Great sportsmanship was shown by both sides and we would like to thank Nick Lanchester for reffing both of the matches and doing a great job.