SD Soccer Academy open to students in Grades 8 – 12

As stated in our Bold Vision, Delta School District strives “to be a leading district in innovative teaching and learner success.”

We believe our Academy Programs are testament to our goal of engaging learners through stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences. Each of our unique academies creates an environment where our students feel great pride and, in turn, great success. Our passionate teachers and outstanding professional coaches work hard at building positive, trusting, and encouraging relationships with our learners.

The Soccer Academy at South Delta Secondary is an example of Delta’s commitment to offering choice programs that enable learners to engage in their passion during the school day.

Academy Location

South Delta Secondary School
750 53rd Street
Delta, BC  V4M 3B7
Phone: 604 943-7407

Soccer Academy Goals

  • To provide outstanding soccer instruction from qualified coaches/teachers.
  • To improve students skill and fitness through a variety of cross training activities
  • To provide sports science instruction including fitness, nutrition, strength training, sport physiology and mental training, utilizing a variety of experts.
  • To provide opportunities for students to complete coaching, officiating and first aid certifications


To develop the fundamental ability of each individual in the areas of:

  • Increase power by looking at the mechanics of shooting
  • Improve shooting accuracy
  • Improve technique in all areas (non-kicking foot, hips, shoulders etc)
  • Develop a better shooting repertoire (side foot finishes, drive, lob, volleying, etc)
  • Improve shooting in tight situations (1/2 chances)


  • Increase passing repertoire (drive, inside foot, outside foot, long, diagonals)
  • Improve ability to receive passes (instep, outside of the foot, laces, upper leg, chest)
  • Work on being more comfortable with one-touch passing (body position)
  • Throw-ins – improve accuracy and control off of throw-ins under pressure


  • Improve the players ability to dribble at pace in a variety of situations (tight areas, open field dribbling, one-on-one moves/dribbling)
  • Develop different methods of changing direction while dribbling
  • Develop a wide array of one-on-one skills (shoulder feing, scissors, cuts etc)

Speed and Power

  • Improve each player’s running technique for optimal performance
  • Improve players’ strength on and off the ball

Knowledge Training

  • Ball support
  • Transition from offense to defense and defense to offense
  • Player to player marking
  • Zonal marking schemes
  • Concepts of team and individual defensive play
  • Attacking formations for defenders, midfielders, and strikers
  • Movement off the ball (3rd person runs)
  • Cover the Attacking and Defensive Principles of Play individually and as a team
  • Using other sports to work on movement off the ball (ultimate/handball/Gaelic football)

Mental Training

  • Leadership training
  • Time management
  • Game preparation
  • Consistency of performance
  • Team dynamics (roles and responsibilities)
  • Communication between players and coaches
  • Player evaluation and performance

Assessment and Evaluation

Students are evaluated each term in the areas of on-field and off-field performance.  Letter grades will directly reflect individual student’s effort and attitude in the program.  Skill development is an expectation for the course; separate evaluation tools will be used to communicate individual growth.  Throughout the year three evaluations will be give; a September bench mark, a midpoint evaluation at the end of January and a final evaluation in June.

65%     Effort and participation/attitude (daily mark out of 6) Link to Rubric
25%      Skill Development (skill testing in game type situations)
10%       Theory – various assignments throughout the year/referee training, nutrition, coaching activities, history of soccer, global popularity and influence soccer has

Facts about the Program

  • Open to all students in Grades 8 – 12
  • Two blocks during the school day
  • Delta students may attend South Delta Secondary part-time to participate in the Soccer Academy. Bell schedules are similar at each secondary school in Delta; lunchtime provides time for students to move between schools to attend an academy at another school.
  • Receive credit for PE at the appropriate grade, Soccer 8 – 11
  • Total of 8 credits per year toward graduation
  • No bus services is provided to SDSS so students from other schools must provide their own transportation to and from the academy
  • FLEX time after Academy(SDSS students)


  • Winskill Synthetic Turf Field
  • South Delta Secondary gym, weight room and field
  • Delta Gymnastics
  • United Martial Arts
  • Richmond River Club

Students will participate in the Soccer Academy every other day during Blocks A and B (Boys from DSS and SDSS) and Blocks C and D (Girls from DSS and SDSS) .  Go to the Calendar on this website to see the rotation through the various components of the program.

Collaboration Day Bell Schedule – Teacher Collaboration time 8:30 – 9:30

Please note:  Every Wednesday is a Collaboration Day at South Delta Secondary.

New Time Schedule Monday & Tuesday EVERY Wednesday Thursday & Friday 8:30-9:39 Collab 8:30-9:29 8:30-9:39 FLEX (9:45-10:25...